Ultimate gaming PCs, VR, smart home: you name it, I’ve produced it. With over 10 years in the content + commerce game, I spent the last two years as executive producer of Newegg’s internal media agency going toe to toe with Amazon, Best Buy and Wal-Mart in the hyper competitive world of tech retail.

Newegg is a $2.5b online retailer and the largest single seller of PC components, CPUs, graphics cards, and gaming laptops as well as the main launch partner for Intel, ASUS, AMD, NVIDIA, and many more.

I specialize in the commerce of tech content, delivering not just impressions and reach, but sales and customers. Simply, campaigns with real ROI.

My tools are editorial publications, original videos, rich landing pages, hardware reviews, live streams, social, influencers, events, contests and anything that can turn eyeballs into lifelong customers. And then the analytics to prove it.

As executive producer, I not only produced Newegg’s original content, but I spearheaded startup projects, built new departments and launched marketing platforms. I created Newegg Studios, Newegg Streaming, Intel Unlocked, VR Central, Intel 2-in-1 Guide, Newegg Smart Home and many more.

I truly believe cutting edge content + commerce is the future of marketing and retail. Advertising has changed, Google/Amazon/Facebook battle for programmatic, even new new media is old media.

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