Live Streaming

Client: Newegg and Partners
Date: 2016-2017
Services: Streams, Studio, Design


Newegg needed a streaming solution to compete with Amazon and drive sales through new marketing channels. However, the world of streaming was alien to a large online retailer. 


I created Newegg’s streaming studio to provide a high-end visual aesthetic but with much lower costs than typical broadcast solutions.

Additionally, the studio was designed to host content like individual game streams or large group events in the same space. Sets could be assembled within a few hours by a skeleton crew to meet many different needs. 


In 2017, Newegg’s streaming went live, showing multiple world’s first live events including AMD Ryzen CPU launch, Intel Optane, AMD Threadripper and more.

Newegg’s streams set the gold standard for launch-day content and retailer-partner live events.